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Community Focus: Why businesses are investing in Burlingame


Burlingame, a six-square mile coastal city located 16 miles south of San Francisco, is set to become the Bay Area’s next big thing in office and R&D real estate. In February 2017, Burlingame Point officially broke ground, paving the way for one of the largest business space development projects in the history of the San Francisco peninsula.

Situated on the Burlingame Waterfront, the modern corporate campus will deliver the best in structural design and technologies to attract the world’s most influential technology and life sciences enterprises to this part of the Bay Area.

The Burlingame Point is a testament to the waterfront area’s development potential. Xueqin Den, president of project developer Kylli Inc., acknowledges Burlingame’s unique qualities as a growth site.

“Our investment approach is focused on best-in-class real estate opportunities in growth markets,” Xueqin said. “Burlingame Point will become the new landmark for the Burlingame community.”

Upon completion, Burlingame Point will feature exceptional amenities such as restaurants, retail stores, on-site gyms, and day care facilities. The enhanced bayfront will also accommodate public access, offering adequate seating and decorative landscaping.

According to the developer, the up-and-coming business campus is just a sign of greater things to come for Burlingame.

“We see the Burlingame Waterfront as the new center for Bay Area business, with many new and inspiring real estate projects to follow.”

Burlingame Real Estate and Homes for Sale

The rise of Burlingame Point will attract more than just investors and corporations, but also an influx of new residents who aim to move closer to the economic opportunities that the new business center will present.

The housing stock in the city comprises upscale single-family homes that range in style from ranches and bungalows, to large luxury estates.

The aggressive development push from developers such as Kylli Inc. is expected to add new residential units to this ultra-competitive market.

Here are some of the most desirable neighborhoods in Burlingame:

  • Burlingame Hills
    A twin neighborhood to the adjacent upscale Hillsborough town, this location boasts refreshing hills that take you away from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding urban areas.
  • Burlingame Terrace
    This neighborhood features a European-style Tudor Revival village and a grove of heritage eucalyptus trees.
  • Easton Addition
    Considered the city’s best old neighborhood, Easton features luxurious manors that date back to the 1920s, reflecting the unique architectural sensibilities of the time.
  • Oak Grove Manor/Burlingables
    This quaint, brick-shaped neighborhood features small houses with excellent schools just a stone’s throw away.

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Community Highlights

If you want to make the most out of the Burlingame lifestyle, these are the local destinations you should keep on your list:

  • Anza Lagoon
  • Burlingame Avenue and Broadway
    Downtown Burlingame
  • Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia
    214 California Drive
  • Burlingame Shorebird Sanctuary
    Between 1404 and 1500 Bayshore Highway
  • Burlingame Station
  • Crystal Springs Golf Club
    6650 Golf Course Drive
  • Gallerie Citi
    1115 Howard Avenue
  • Kohl Mansion
    2750 Adeline Drive
  • Peninsula Museum of Art
    1777 California Drive

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