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Community Focus: Millbrae is a small town with big conveniences


Located 15 miles south of San Francisco, Millbrae is a charming 3.2-square mile coastal city that delivers the conveniences of living in a big city.  Millbrae’s modern architecture, early traditional 1900 era homes, award winning public schools, and desirable weather, lends this picturesque area to be one of the most desirable locations on the peninsula to call home.

Millbrae is a preferred destination for affluent professionals who work for the Bay Area’s resident tech giants. About half of the city’s 22,600 residents work in management, administrative, and sales jobs. It is also a desirable city for families with children, as Millbrae boasts a strong reputation for having some of the best schools in the Bay Area.

Adjacent to Millbrae is the San Francisco International Airport, making the city a distinct transit center. A section of the city features long strips of hotels to accommodate traveling professionals and tourists.   And it’s just a short BART ride to everything desirable in San Francisco!

The coastal location of the city gives Millbrae a distinct character. The nautical history of the location contributes to the area’s walkable design, with densely populated areas near the water.

These geographic features also lend to a variety of places of interest that delight local residents and tourists alike. Waterfront areas flank Millbrae, with the San Andreas Lake to the west and the San Francisco Bay to the east providing various recreational opportunities.

Millbrae Real Estate and Homes for Sale

Like many of its neighboring towns and cities in the Bay Area, Millbrae boasts a range of diverse neighborhoods. Low crime rates give prospective home buyers an assurance for peaceful living.

The housing stock comprises several small- to medium-sized apartment complexes and highrises. Custom single-family homes are also abundant.

For high-end buyers, there are options for condominiums that offer stunning views of San Francisco Bay, sleek and modern live/work house designs, and even Spanish-style homes that date back to the 1930s.

Among Millbrae’s notable neighborhoods are:

  • Glenview Highland/Telescope Hill
    If you’re looking for picturesque views of the San Francisco Bay, this upscale neighborhood offers plenty of them.
  • Green Hills/Millwood
    This neighborhood is notable for its well-preserved 1940s-era charm. This is also where El Camino Real, the peninsula’s premier commercial area, is located.
  • Magnolia Avenue/Taylor Boulevard
    This part of Millbrae is the city’s proverbial college town.
  • Millbrae Avenue
    Boasts many affluent and desirable homes that offer lots of privacy and incredible views.
  • Meadows
    True to its name, this neighborhood boasts plenty of green spaces. It is located at the western end of the Green Hills Country Club.
  • Mills Estates
    Similar to Glenview, Mills Estates is luxury home territory and a place to score the best views of the Bay. It is also one of the city’s largest neighborhoods.

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Community Highlights

Millbrae is home to a variety of recreational attractions that add and preserve its distinct, historically rich charm.

The city hosts an Annual Art and Wine Festival every Labor Day Weekend. A Millbrae staple for nearly 50 years, the event celebrates the best that all of Northern California has to offer, from music to classic cars – and of course, art and wine.

In addition, here are some of the top attractions you can find in Millbrae:

  • Bayfront Park
  • Green Hills Country Club
    500 Ludeman Lane
  • Millbrae Farmers Market
    City Parking Lot
  • Millbrae History Museum
    420 Poplar Avenue
  • Southern Pacific Train Depot
    108 California Drive
  • Spur Trail
    Geraldine Drive and Lincoln Circle

Coyote Point Park and Beach

The city also features a thriving wetland area where the San Francisco garter snake, a species endemic to San Mateo County, is found.

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