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Experts sound off on 2018’s hot interior design trends

Going for a fresh new look for your home in 2018? Start with these top trends in interior design:

  1. Color is back in fashion

    Conservative and “safe” shades of grey, beige, and the in-between “greige” are on their way out, according to renowned interior designers Timothy Corrigan, Alex Papachristidis, and Peter Dunham.

    Corrigan believes that 2018 will herald “a big return to bright and clear colors,” signaling an official transition from the “industrial chic” trend that has dominated the interior aesthetic in recent years.

    Shades of nature

    For Papachristidis and Dunham, bright and nature-inspired shades will soon be the norm.

    “Green is such an important color,” Papachristidis notes, “because it brings nature indoors and into the home.”

    “An earthy, ochre-y yellow will brighten a room,” says Dunham. Unlike the 70s yellow many remember, it’s a modern neutral that’s far from boring.

    Ultra Violet: The color of the year

    One strong hue that figures to be prominent in 2018 is Ultra Violet, the Pantone Color Institute’s new “Color of the Year.” This rich, overpowering shade seems challenging to use, but experts have weighed in on how to use it:

    “Use it to bring a touch of luxury to your bedrooms,” says Glamour Nest founder Jessica McClendon. “Go with deep, dusty shades for a more mature look, or use brighter tones for a playful, younger vibe.”

    For New York-based designer Brett Beldock, Ultra Violet is best paired with white, khaki, olive, heather gray, or camel. Abbe Fenimore of Dallas-based Studio 25 warns against matching the color with red, as the combination will “create an environment with too much anxiety.”

  2. Sprinkle chintz, prints, and patterns into your living spaces

    Like bold colors, patterns and prints are making a notable comeback to liven up living spaces in 2018.

    Los Angeles design maven Kathryn M. Ireland expects fresh, bold florals to be big. “Think English Country, but updated,” she says. Colors “that pop,” such as turquoise, apple green, and pink can be excellent highlights on walls, window treatments, and furnishings.

    Another award winning and renowned LA-based designer, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, predicts that the return of tropical themes and retro Eighties shapes will replace tailored mid-century shapes that dominated the last few years. Interestingly, he identifies the ceiling as a new “decorating playground ready to be wallpapered, lacquered, gilded, or plastered with abandon.”

    New York’s Miles Redd believes that “old-fashioned chintzes are looking modern again” when used sparingly. Redd also vouches for pastels and sherbet colors, such as pistachio, lemon chiffon, and lettuce, as well as for geometric patterns.

  3. Velvet is rising to prominence

    Experts consider velvet the “it” fabric for 2018 that can instantly add sophistication to any seating group, especially in jewel tones like sapphire, emerald, and amethyst.

    “Design now is about celebrating everyday luxuries,” says New York designer Elaine Griffin, “and no fabric does that better than velvet.”

    Velvet also fits into the increasing popularity of “comfort spaces” in homes. Global design firm AvroKO sees “a shift toward design that is more casual overall and spaces that are focused on experience rather than aesthetics.”

    “Everyone around the world is looking for extra comfort and reassurance,” adds trend forecaster Allyson Rees. “The home [is increasingly seen] as a safe haven in a world that is so politically and ecologically turbulent.”

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