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Keep an eye on these 5 hot San Francisco-based startups

A city that embraces passion and innovation, San Francisco has a well-earned reputation as the world’s premier hub for startups. Here are 5 of the best ones out there today and the exciting ideas they are pushing to help change the world:

  1. Modsy: Interior design for the internet age

    Do mismatched furniture pieces give you a bad case of buyer’s remorse? Modsy is the solution for your woes. This startup allows homeowners to “try out” furniture in virtual models of their home before actually buying anything.

    Modsy works a lot like the popular simulation game, The Sims, which lets players click, drag, and drop furniture into virtual living spaces however they please. The app provides shoppers with exceptional accuracy and offers a great deal of customizability without requiring any prior purchase.

    Founded in 2015, Modsy has raised nearly $11 million in funding.

  2. Shippo: Making online shopping even more convenient

    Providing the ecommerce space with a relevant and innovative boost, Shippo is helping online retail websites deal with their shipping needs.

    Through Shippo, sites like eBay and Etsy are now able to connect their buyers to their shipping service of choice. For ecommerce websites, this means more sure business, while for the buyer, this means more options to get their purchases sooner and at the best shipping cost.

    Barely four years old with a workforce of just 60 individuals, Shippo is raring for greater growth in 2018 with its total raised funding of approximately $29.5 million.

  3. Trove: Innovating self-storage in the Bay Area

    Running out of storage space in your home? Send it to your local moving company’s storage buildings with Trove.

    Founded in 2016 and operating on $8 million in funding to date, this startup contracts with local moving companies to rent out their extra storage space for customers on a subscription basis.

    The items sent out for storage are photographed and catalogued, so owners can request specific items and have them brought back whenever needed.

  4. Lever: Top talent recruitment made easy

    For many companies, finding the right talent at the right time can be a painstaking process. However, the internet has made lucrative opportunities just a click or two away.

    Lever was founded by former Google employees to aid companies with this plight. The startup offers tools that provide hiring managers with better insights on the best time to hire, as well as the most effective means and key persons to connect with top prospects.

    Lever has so far raised $72.8 million through five rounds of fundraising, with no signs of slowing down.

  5. Smyte: Trust and safety as a service

    The internet is connecting the world like never before. But the ease with which information can be gathered and shared also means security and privacy are becoming more vulnerable by the day.

    Smyte is helping people sleep more soundly at night. Offering “trust and safety as a service,” Smyte assigns risk teams to social media platforms, online retail businesses, and other internet-connected enterprises, using machine learning technology to prevent spam, fraud, harassment, and account takeover.

    Less than two years off the ground, this confident and compelling startup has raised more than $6 million over three rounds of fundraising. Early big-name customers include crowdfunding platforms Indiegogo and GoFundMe, and social blogging website Medium.

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