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Should you downsize or not?

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Empty nesters are often confronted with the difficult decision of downsizing. But it’s not just older couples who are faced with this predicament – even young homeowners wonder just how much space they really need.

Here are some things to consider when you’re ready to make the move! Say goodbye to your big house for more compact digs.

Signs it’s time to downsize

  1. Your kids just moved out
    You might feel like it’s a good time to downsize once the kids have either moved out or left for college. With their rooms sitting unoccupied for long periods, you won’t really need all that extra space. It’s also a great time to start fresh with a new and more manageable home that feels right for your current lifestyle.
  2. Your home suddenly feels big and empty
    With the kids gone, you might feel overwhelmed at the idea of living in a four or five bedroom home by yourself. All that space doesn’t seem necessary, and the things you’ve acquired can barely fill it up. Rather than buy new furniture or décor to make a spacious home feel cozy, it may make better sense to downsize.
  3. You’ve got too much stuff
    Or you might have the opposite problem – you feel like you’ve acquired too much over the last several years, and want to declutter your home. As you get rid of the things you no longer need, you’ll find that you need a lot less space.
  4. You want to spend less time on household chores
    A bigger home naturally requires more upkeep. If you want to spend less time and energy on chores and maintenance, then downsizing would be the perfect solution. This gives you more time to enjoy your daily passions in life!
  5. You want to travel more
    Empty nesters opt for “lock-and-leave” homes so that they can travel frequently, and for longer periods. These homes are easy to manage and, depending on the community it’s in, will likely benefit from exterior maintenance provided by a homeowners association.
    Downsizing gives you more freedom and flexibility, since you won’t have to worry about your belongings and the condition that your property is in.
  6. It’s a seller’s market
    If the demand for real estate in your area is high, putting your home in the market will help you net a handsome profit. This presents the perfect opportunity to downsize – you can start looking for a more suitable residence around the time of the sale.

The benefits of downsizing

  1. Cut back on wasteful spending
    A larger home usually costs more to maintain. Downsizing helps you reduce unnecessary spending and allows you to channel your resources elsewhere.
  2. Eliminate clutter
    Downsizing requires you to get rid of any items that no longer serve your purpose. Take it as an opportunity to live a clutter-free life.
  3. Save energy
    A larger home typically consumes more energy in terms of heating and cooling. Downsizing to a smaller, greener living space lets you consume less energy and save money.
  4. Free up your time
    Have more time for the things that truly matter. A smaller, clutter-free home requires less upkeep.

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