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Richard’s 5-Star Rating is Well Deserved!

November 08, 2017

If you want someone who will be in your corner from the beginning to the end (and beyond!), giving insightful advice and staying on top of things every step of the way, Richard’s your man!

My wife and I (first time home buyers) were interested in a home purchase, and before we met Richard, we were looking at some open houses on our own. When we started getting serious, we decided to look on Yelp for an agent. We can wholeheartedly vouch that Richard’s 5 star rating is well-deserved.

Richard started out our relationship by making excellent recommendations on lenders that would be suitable for us. With years of experience under his belt, Richard has a very strong network that he can recommend to help make the home buying process as smooth and painless as possible. This network includes mortgage lenders, home inspectors, home insurance agents, contractors if you plan to do some work on the house, and pretty much anything you’d need along the way.

Equally impressive is Richard’s knowledge of houses. As someone who’s done a lot of work on his own home, Richard has a sharp eye for problems that a house may have or may encounter in the future. There was a night and day difference between looking at open houses ourselves and touring houses with him. There were many things we would not have caught or even thought to look for, but with Richard we felt safe that we weren’t going to end up in a home that would fall apart on us or need a ton of money to repair.

We appreciated Richard’s patience in working with our limited budget, and taking us on multiple tours until we found a home that met our family needs and our price range. Another trait we appreciate about Richard is that he’s very direct and to the point. He knows the market well and if a certain house falls well out of your range, he will let you know so that you can move on. He will fight hard for you if you’re really interested in a property and he thinks you have even an outside chance at your offer being accepted, but if there is no chance, he won’t waste your time and get your hopes up.

Richard goes the extra mile for his clients. When we were approaching the close date of our escrow, he gave us an extensive list of contact information to set up our utilities, as well as important/relevant contacts for our neighborhood. He’s also given us some great advice for projects we are thinking about doing with the house, going as detailed as advising us to switch out the existing fridge tube to a steel braided one for better performance. Furthermore, Richard is extremely responsive to any questions you have, from early in the day until late hours if urgent.

In summary, if you want an agent who really knows his stuff and takes excellent care of his clients, go with Richard!

– Steven Phang & Maryann Bonifacio, Purchase 18875 Bengal Ave., Hayward

Sea Cliff Investment

August 23, 2017

We would recommend Richard as an incredibly hardworking and responsive agent for any home buyer or investor looking for a property in the Greater Bay Area. We worked with him to find and buy an investment property, and he was fantastic! Richard communicates frequently and in a straightforward way that makes the whole process feel easy. He also works hard to create real economic value for his clients by negotiating fairly and effectively. Richard is a star agent and you would be lucky to work with him!

– Sarabjit & Chetna Baveja, Purchase 95 26th Ave., #B, San Francisco

Dream Home In Walnut Creek

July 14, 2017

Richard is THE best agent we have worked with. Richard is the “go-to” agent. He is honest, reliable, professional and down to earth. Richard would go the extra mile to get our questions answered. Richard is always patient with us and guided us along the way to find the dream house we were looking for. He presented to us the pros and cons of every house we looked at and gave us the advice we were looking for.

We just closed on our dream home in Walnut Creek. In today’s challenging real estate, you need a talented, reliable, and honest agent who cares about you to help you find your dream home. I would recommend Richard without any reservation.

– Roger & Pin-Hua Chen, Purchase 2674 Bridle Ln., Walnut Creek

Richard Was Invaluable

July 07, 2017

Richard was invaluable in our search for a house to buy. He patiently toured houses with us every Saturday for several weeks. He was always on the alert for flaws, spotting dry rot, signs of leaks, and so on. When we found the home we wanted, he worked with our lender to get us approved and negotiated a winning offer with the seller. We highly recommend Richard to anyone looking to buy in the East Bay. He is dedicated, detail-oriented, thorough, and very professional.

– Lee Schulstad & Wayne Williams, Purchase 205 Copper Beech Glen, Hercules

We Truly Love Our New Home!

June 23, 2017

As first time home buyers, we had no idea what we were getting into. It didn’t help that we started just as the Oakland market was set to explode. We started out using the various Redfin and other apps, going to open houses, and then when we were ready to be serious, we started applying for pre-approvals. We knew we wanted the help of an agent, but we had no idea where to start. Luckily, we knew of a colleague who had a great experience buying a home in Oakland and she strongly recommended Richard.

We first met Richard outside a house that we really liked during an open house tour. He spared no moment giving it to us straight. He pulled the wool out from over our eyes. He took us around from room to room and scoured the place, top to bottom. He got down and dirty into crawl spaces and just dissected the whole house’s health. He completely tore this house down with his analysis. With his extensive experience, he was able to give us a rough estimate of all the costs that we’d take on, separating out necessary fixes from optional ones. We were floored. Underneath the surface, it turned out the home was a pretty serious fixer and a bad investment. After our enlightened tour, Richard spent a long time outside talking to us, introducing us to important concepts of real estate – from construction to bank loans, etc. But most importantly, he didn’t give us a second to sulk. He instructed us to get our loan underwritten since pre-approvals don’t mean anything anymore. He had a solid book of contacts to address all our needs. When the loan company we originally selected dropped the ball, he swooped in with an excellent recommendation for a bank that was on top of their game.

Once we were underwritten, Richard took us on a long and arduous journey of hard core house hunting. In the beginning, we expended too much emotional energy falling in love with homes and getting distracted by cover-up staging and shoddy flipper workmanship. After about a month of spending entire days with Richard, we acquired a stellar education as we toured dozens of homes in a row. Through his knowledge and experience, we learned to discard houses with hidden disasters that would require more work than we could afford. He also helped us understand the nuances of Oakland’s exploding real estate market. He told us upfront we would be priced out of Oakland by May, and he advised us many times against making offers on homes that wouldn’t appraise (thus saving our skins since you have to go in non-contingent just to have a chance).

If you go with Richard, you have to really give in to his methods and go into it trusting him 100%. It’s no easy task. My husband and I quickly caught on that Richard is far above and beyond the average crop of real estate agents. Richard truly has his finger on the pulse of the real estate market in the Bay Area. He has hands on experience overseeing renovations/construction jobs, which is why he’s so insanely knowledgeable on site. He also knows how to read people, which is essential to unlocking the secret of buying any house in particular. By getting a feel for other agents, sellers, and even neighbors, Richard was able to steer us away from bad deals so many times. In one situation, he spoke to a neighbor for a hill house we liked and quickly determined that it would be a nightmare trying to repair the shared broken garage bridge because the neighbor was clearly not interested in splitting the cost. In another situation, he knew when to pull out of negotiations for a house where the seller’s agent was being deceptive and manipulative.

We made a ton of offers with Richard’s help, and we came second place a couple of times. But most of the time, we were beaten out with people who just had too much money in their pockets and could pay the difference beteween their offer and whatever the house actually appraised for. We weren’t an easy case for Richard. Our budget was not ideal, but he came up with creative ideas to make us competitive in other ways.

The hardest part of our journey was towards the end of May when we sadly accepted our fate that we were priced out of Oakland. We were ready to quit but Richard asked us to re-consider condos. We ended up finding a wonderful and spacious town home that feels just like a single family home. Richard worked quickly to craft a preemptive offer that would get us the house. We couldn’t believe it when we were accepted!

Thank you so much Richard for all your time and hard work. We truly love our new home and feel so lucky to have found you. I honestly believe we wouldn’t have gotten a home if we had had anybody else as our agent.

– Charles & Sara Taylor, Purchase 61 Thousand Oaks St., Oakland

He Is Solid And Reliable

May 23, 2017

Richard is a fantastic agent. Not only does he have solid construction knowledge about the bones of a potential property, but he is also a talented negotiator and can bargain a great deal for his clients. My husband and I had a great experience buying out first home with Richard as our agent. He is solid and reliable. He is also a very pleasant person to work with.

– Susanna T., Undisclosed

He Is Efficient and Hard Working

May 20, 2017

He was very helpful and kind and friendly! He is efficient and hard working. He is very patient, I would give him 6 stars!

– Lingxia Xu, Purchase 1675 29th Ave., San Francisco

He Fought For Us on The Negotiation Table

May 19, 2017

As first time home buyers, we were very lucky to have Richard by our side every step of the way. He was extremely knowledgeable and pointed out things we would have easily missed in every home we went to see. With how homes were selling, he could have easily talked us into the first place we could get, but instead he took the time to get us into something that would fit us.
He recommended specific inspections that we are glad we had done, and he fought for us on the negotiation table to get us a home in a tough market, somehow below asking price. We are very grateful to have had him working with us and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

– Kyle Torquemada, Purchase 4864 Alro Ave., Concord

Recommended by a Friend in San Francisco

May 17, 2017

Richard was recommended to me by a friend in San Francisco and helped me with the purchase of my first home. He was fantastic to deal with, not only in managing with my time schedule but my parents who had come in to town to assist, as well. He answered all our questions, guided us through the process, and referred us to a network of reliable people who were equally strongly service-oriented, and all of whom together made the first time home buying experience smoother than I expected. This included mortgage brokers, home inspectors, insurance agents and movers when the sale was completed. Everyone was professional, responsive, informative and reliable and went out of their way when they realize this my first home buy. Richard even made small improvements to my apartment to help me out, before I moved in. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

– Kirti Jadeja, Purchase 900 Bush St., #718, San Francisco

You’re Our Realtor… Now and Forever!

May 10, 2017

Richard Sarro:
Professional. Dedicated. Thorough. Detail-oriented. Observant. Determined. Confident. Well-informed. Very knowledgeable. Assertive. Attentive. Tenacious.

These are just a few adjectives that describe Richard. Each time we have been ready to buy/sell a home, Richard is ready and willing to take on our challenge. The first time we worked with Richard we were local SF-Bay clients – and we ended up being neighbors! Life circumstances changed and moved us up to Lake County. Regardless, Richard was willing to take on the challenge of learning a different market, a different area, a different pace, a (much) long(er) drive… and all for us. [Are we still your only Lake County clients?]

Richard fights for what his clients want when a dream home is found, but is also quite open and honest with his clients when what appears to be a dream (to clients) is really a hidden nightmare. We walked through several properties that appeared ideal (to us), but at each property Richard pointed out not only Pros but any-and-all Cons that he saw. Some might be discouraged by such honesty, but we appreciated it immensely. THANK YOU, RICHARD!

After walking though many different properties, we ended up deciding that the very first property was “perfect” and such began the negotiation process. Richard had our best interests in mind every step of the way and stood firm at times where we might have wavered. His professionalism, self-assurance, and incredible subject knowledge are admirable and much appreciated. Negotiations took longer than we anticipated, but, in the end, we ended up with a beautiful house at an appropriate price, and big dreams of a new future in our new house!

Ecstatic. Appreciative. Hopeful. Grateful.

THANK YOU, Richard! You’re our realtor… now and forever!
Happy clients, Bethany & Chalo

– Bethany Turo & Rosalio Fernandez, Purchase 19104 Redbud Rd., Hidden Valley Lake

Richard Was Highly Recommended!

April 27, 2017

We were first time buyers in the Bay Area, and our need to find a house was timely. Needless to say, we were having a tough time navigating the housing market in this city on our own. Richard was highly recommended by a friend of ours. We reached out to him and are we glad we did! From the get go, Richard was a pleasure to work with. He guided us through the entire process – from getting pre-approved, to accompanying us to open houses, getting very thorough information on neighborhoods and school quality, negotiating a great deal, and ensuring that lenders close the deal in a timely manner. We had no idea so many parties were involved in the buying and selling of a house. Richard followed up with each and every party to ensure matters proceeded smoothly.

Richard is, hands down, one of the most hardworking people we’ve ever come across. He’s always available for a chat, very prompt with email responses, extremely thorough, and very generous with his time. He also sets very accurate and realistic expectations in terms of how steep a bidding war might get, budgeting renovations, etc. And most importantly, he’s tenacious and aggressive and gets the job done.

We are definitely working with Richard again when the need arises. If there was an option to give him more than 5 stars, we would!

– Alankar Bandyopadhyay & Ashwin Swaminathan, Purchase 4327 Table Mountain Rd., Dublin

Condo Unit in Oakland

April 16, 2017

Richard helped me purchasing a condo unit in Oakland. He is easy to work with, super upbeat and straight forward. We looked at couple units in Jack London Square but settled on a unit in Uptown. He talked to the seller’s agent, found out the situation and made a preemptive offer. During escrow, he was on top of everything – title company, mortgage company and inspection. We were ready to close in 20 days. Amazing, isn’t it? I highly recommend Richard for his experience, honesty and always a step ahead of the game.

– Pamela Lu-Stone, Purchase 438 W. Grand Ave., #416, Oakland

He Exceeded Our Expectations!

February 23, 2017

In December 2016 we decided to sell our condo in San Francisco. We chose Richard after interviewing several realtors from various agencies because we were most impressed with his confident approach and professional image. We absolutely made the right decision by choosing Richard and Zephyr Real Estate.

With Richard’s advice and expertise, we prepared the property for sale, although we have to admit that he actually did all of the work. Richard knew the best tradesmen for getting the work done quickly and with the best quality workmanship.

When our property was ready for sale, he had it beautifully staged and photographed. The brochure and website was of the highest quality. Everything looked so good that we were actually sad to be selling our condo! After the first week-end of open house, we had 4 pre-emptive offers and sold the condo for well over asking price just days later.

We’d thoroughly recommend Richard Sarro and Zephyr Real Estate to anybody wanting to buy or sell in the SF Bay Area. We were extremely impressed by his capacity for hard work, his ability to keep us all calm and informed at all times, and his impressive capability to get all the jobs done on time. Ultimately, he exceeded our expectations and sold the condo for way above our target price, sooner than we every anticipated, and with zero stress!

We cannot thank him enough and would hire him again in a heartbeat.

– Steve and Laurie Clayton , Sale 1011 Clayton St., San Francisco

Recommended To Us By Our Previous Agent

February 16, 2017

Richard was recommended to us by our previous agent from SF. It took us a while to find something we like in the East Bay but when we did and after we got our offer submitted by Richard and it got approved, we started having lots of issues with everything from the seller side.

Richard was on top of it all, all the time, and he even tried to talk us out of the deal as it was causing us a lot of headache. At the end, he made sure everything is done, fixed and ready to go. He is really persistent when he needs to be and that is great especially in this market.

I will definitely buy with Richard again, he’s a great person and always on top of everything and picks up the phone at any time of the day or week.

– Seva Kogan, Purchase 24 Heritage Oaks Rd., Pleasant Hill

I Would Recommend Him To Anyone!

January 24, 2017

I have known Richard as a friend and a client for 15 years
I have watched him become a really successful realtor.
His integrity and focus can’t be beat.
I would recommend him to anyone.

– Ted Yamagishi, Spinner Mortgage, San Mateo and Lender for Clients